Why Sustainable Vegan Bags are the New Fashion Must-Have?

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Veganism has already taken over the food industry by storm. But the concept of a vegan lifestyle goes beyond merely your diet and also focuses on making sustainable lifestyle choices that allows you to reduce your carbon footprint. We now see more and more people embracing vegan living through sustainable fashion choices.

With vegan leather becoming the latest fashion fad, everyone’s going Ga-ga over vegan bags that are ethically sourced from plants while still giving you that chic and statement look.

So what are vegan leather bags actually made of?

These handbags are made out of polyurethane; a polymer that is made from sustainable materials like pineapple leaves, apple skin, cork, and other plant and fruit leftovers.

They’re the best alternative to animal leather, as they are soft, durable, and can be easily dyed and shaped into your favorite retro bags.

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How do Vegan Bags Make a Difference?

Does it really make a difference?

The answer is YES! It makes all the difference in the world.

Choosing vegan and cruelty-free leather over the traditional animal leather is better for our climate in so many aspects. The first and most important is that it's cruelty-free and does not involve the death of animals. Animals are often tortured and kept in inhumane conditions in order to use their skin to produce leather bags. Animal cruelty is something that does not deserve a place on earth. Animals should not have to pay a price for our fashion choices regardless of whether you’re an animal lover or not. It is ethical and the right thing to do.

The process of producing vegan leather is eco-friendly and significantly reduces your carbon footprint as obtaining animal leather is a much more resource-intensive process when compared to vegan leather. So when you choose vegan leather over animal leather, you’re ultimately choosing a product that exerts less pressure on our climate in terms of greenhouse gas emission, water used for production, and depletion of fossil fuels.

Vegan leather uses natural discarded materials that cannot be used any further like leaves and fruit peels which makes them instantly a better choice for our environment. The production of vegan leather also uses plastic bottles which ultimately helps in reducing waste and damage caused to the environment.

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The King of Versatility

With all these ethical reasons to pick vegan leather, you might think that you’ll have to compromise on the quality and variety. Well, that is not the case! Vegan bags are versatile. It's quite difficult to differentiate between animal and vegan leather as they are identical in texture, and sturdiness.

High-quality vegan leather is usually more processed, which results in a soft and sustainable material perfect for creating high-end retro bags to complement your style. If anything, vegan leather is better at storing pigment than animal leather and is more adaptable to various styles.

We can go on discussing the different varieties of vegan leather available because there are so many. From cactus, and pineapple peel, to used plastic bottles, you can find a plethora of sources that can be used to produce vegan leather. There’s literally nothing that you cannot create from this material; whether it is the chic retro bag from the 80s or the latest crossbody everyone’s gushing about.

Vegan leather is extremely versatile, ensuring that you never have to struggle when trying to find variety!

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All the Glam Light

As vegan fashion is becoming more mainstream, we see an ever increasing number of celebrities going vegan and welcoming cruelty-free pieces into their fashion wardrobe. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson, Kate Mara, and Meghan Markle have been ambassadors of Vegan living for a very long time now.

They always make conscious and sustainable choices when it comes to fashion and spread this message to their fans and followers on social media. Their influence encourages people to shift towards a vegan lifestyle and choose sustainability over damaging and harmful fashion trends.

This wave of cruelty-free fashion has also been championed by some of the biggest fashion giants. They are now turning their backs to leather and fur. While brands like Stella McCartney have been into vegan fashion for a long time, other brands like Burberry, Versace, and Calvin Klein are stepping up as responsible brands that care enough about the environment.

Remember, that it all starts with you. Every decision we make as consumers can contribute to the changes we want to bring into this world.

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